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Access Dental Treatment Funds with Access My Super

Need dental treatment but don’t have the funds to cover it? Access My Super allows an early release of your superannuation funds to cover your dental treatment costs and more.

Get Your Dental Treatment Costs Covered with Access My Super

When it comes to good oral health, lack of funds should never keep you from a necessary dental treatment. With Access My Super, you can use your superannuation benefits upon retirement to cover your dental treatment costs. Here’s how it works –

The Benefits of Access My Super

● Quick approvals
● Expert guidance
● Tax-free benefit
● Flexibility of accessing early super

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access your superannuation funds after you are retired to cover a number of expenses, including numerous dental treatments. This fund can also be partly accessed if you are in the ‘preservation age’, which is between 55-60 or past the retirement age and are still working.
Access My Super has no minimum or maximum limit and will depend on the cost of your treatment and the funds available in your super. In case of lack of funds in your super, you can also access your partner’s superannuation.
You can access funds with Access My Super to cover your treatment costs as well as your dependent’s.
Your application process can take anywhere up to 25 days from your initial consultation for a quote to the day you can undergo your treatment.

Start Your Super Payment Option Process Set Up Today!

Get your needed dental treatments covered with Access My Super for a healthier tomorrow. Need more guidance? Visit us at Good Smile Dental today!

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