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Losing teeth does not have to be embarrassing. A denture is a dental procedure that replaces missing teeth and the surrounding bone and tissue. They are designed to feel and look much like your natural teeth. With dentures, you’ll have sturdy teeth allowing you to consume all the foods you enjoy.

At Good smile, we can fit a removable replacement for your missing teeth and supporting tissues to help you regain your quality of life and enhance your speaking clarity. To satisfy the needs of our patients, we provide a wide variety of dentures, including:

1. Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are put in when all teeth have been extracted and the surrounding tissue has primarily healed, whether conventionally or immediately.

Immediate dentures are prepared in advance and may be worn right once after teeth are removed. However, they often need more suitable modifications. A more accurate fit is achieved with conventional dentures, a long-term solution created as your mouth heals and changes form.

2. Dentures that are only partially functional

For those with few natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are a more realistic-looking prosthetic. The denture is often held in place within the mouth by a metal framework that is connected by replacement teeth attached to a plastic base.

The procedure of denture:

Dentures are generally obtained over the course of several weeks in a series of procedures. Highly exact measurements and impressions are taken to create your personalized denture during its fabrication. To guarantee ideal form, color, and fit, many “try-in” consultations may be necessary.

During the last appointment, our dentist will carefully adjust and position the finished denture to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

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