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Teeth Whitening

We all love a beautiful smile that’s bright and healthy. But not everyone is content with their smile. Most people deal with discoloured teeth, which are often a source of low self-esteem and can make people conscious in social settings. Teeth whitening by a professional helps you deal with this concern by whitening your teeth and giving you a smile you adore.

Bleaching, often known as teeth lightening, is a non-invasive dental procedure that changes the shade of healthy tooth enamel. At Good Smile Dental, we provide teeth whitening in Windsor that is affordable. We also schedule your appointment at a time most convenient for you. Since tooth whitening has been the top cosmetic concern, several methods are available at our clinic. The most common way to radically whiten teeth is to utilise a home teeth-whitening system with the convenience it offers.

Old fillings, crowns, or other dental work should also be considered since teeth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel. After the teeth have been bleached, any restorations will be put back in place to match the newly whitened teeth.

What is the process for teeth whitening at our Windsor clinic?

At Good Smile Dental, two visits are generally required for teeth whitening. At your initial appointment, impressions (moulds) of your teeth will be made in order to create custom clear plastic trays.

At your second appointment, you will try the trays to make sure they fit well, and we will make any necessary adjustments. The trays are worn with a specific whitening solution two times a day or for 30 minutes, even overnight, for a few weeks, depending on the degree of discolouration and desired level of whitening. While whitening your teeth, tooth discomfort is frequent, but after you stop bleaching, it rapidly goes away.

You’ll receive instructions on taking care of your trays and teeth and encouragement to visit your dentist frequently to help you keep a radiant, white smile.

While this method for teeth whitening in Windsor sounds similar to over-the-counter whitening treatments that only treat surface stains, our customised whitening treatment is designed to effectively brighten your teeth and address concerns beyond the surface.

Why visit Good Smile Dental for teeth whitening in Windsor?

The team at Good Smile Dental is trained and certified to carry out teeth whitening for the best results. Our expertise has led to people in the neighbouring suburbs visiting us for teeth whitening in Windsor. With quality equipment that also ensures safety, your procedure is seamlessly conducted to give you a brightened smile in a short time span.

If you’re in or around Windsor, our specialists will be happy to assist in achieving a smile that’s healthy and dazzling.

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